I am (slowly) turning my Soc 376 lecture notes into a textbook. Draft chapters for the first half of the book (on linear models) are posted below, along with a few chapters for the second half of the book (on non-linear models). The remaining chapters (without links) will be posted when completed.

Mathematical Models of Social Systems

Linear models

1. Markov Chains

2. Social Mobility

3. Differential Reproduction

4. Absorbing Chains

5. Evolution of Social Conventions

6. Strategic Network Formation

7. Communication Classes

8. Influence Networks

9. Demography

10. Population Momentum

Nonlinear models

11. One-Dimensional Models

12. Threshold Models

13. Neighborhood Effects

14. The Dynamics of Balance Theory

14x. Differential Reproduction with Two Sexes

15. Two-Dimensional Models

16. Residential Segregation

17. Predator-Prey Models

18. The Population Dynamics of Racial Composition (will replace 14x)

19. Evolutionary Game Theory

20. Cultural Evolution