Alan Sorensen
Professor of Economics

University of Wisconsin
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI  53706


Curriculum Vitae

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Research papers:
  • "Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Retail Markets for Prescription Drugs," Journal of Political Economy, v. 108 n. 4 (August 2000). [PDF]
  • "Price Dispersion and Heterogeneous Consumer Search for Retail Prescription Drugs," NBER Working Paper 8548, October 2001. [PDF]
  • "Insurer-Hospital Bargaining: Negotiated Discounts in Post-deregulation Connecticut," Journal of Industrial Economics, v. 51 n. 4 (December 2003). [PDF]
  • "Information and Consumer Choice: The Value of Publicized Health Plan Ratings" (with Ginger Jin), Journal of Health Economics, v. 26 n. 2 (March 2006). [PDF]
  • "Social Learning and Health Plan Choice," RAND Journal of Economics, v. 37 n. 4 (Winter 2006). [PDF]
  • "Bestseller Lists and Product Variety," Journal of Industrial Economics, v. 55 n. 4 (December 2007). [PDF]
  • "Information and the Skewness of Music Sales" (with Ken Hendricks), Journal of Political Economy, v. 117 n. 2 (April 2009). [PDF]
  • "Positive Effects of Negative Publicity: When Negative Reviews Increase Sales" (with Jonah Berger and Scott Rasmussen), Marketing Science, v. 29 n. 5 (September-October 2010). [PDF]
  • "Bundle-size Pricing as an Approximation to Mixed Bundling" (with Sean Chu and Phillip Leslie), American Economic Review, v. 101 n. 1 (February 2011). [PDF]
  • "Calorie Posting in Chain Restaurants" (with Bryan Bollinger and Phillip Leslie), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, v. 3 n. 1 (February 2011). [PDF]
  • "Observational Learning and Demand for Search Goods" (with Ken Hendricks and Tom Wiseman), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, v. 4 n. 1 (February 2012). [PDF]
  • "Supply Responses to Digital Distribution: Recorded Music and Live Performances" (with Julie Holland Mortimer and Chris Nosko), Information Economics and Policy, v. 24 n. 1 (March 2012). [PDF]
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  • "The Impact of Information Technology on the Diffusion of New Pharmaceuticals" (with Kenneth Arrow and Kamran Bilir), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2020. [PDF]
  • "Dynamics and Efficiency in Decentralized Online Auction Markets" (with Ken Hendricks and Tom Wiseman) [PDF]
  • "For-Profit Entry and Market Expansion in the Hospice Industry" (with Andrea P. Chung) [PDF]
  • "Does Hospice Reduce Costs at the End of Life? Estimates from a Dynamic Model of Hospice Choice" (with Toby Campbell, Andrea Chung, and Dennis McWeeny) [PDF]
  • "Students' Heterogeneous Preferences and the Uneven Spatial Distribution of Colleges" (with Chao Fu, Junjie Guo, and Adam Smith), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2022. [PDF]
  • "Product Repositioning by Merging Firms" (with Enghin Atalay, Chris Sullivan, and Wanjia Zhu), forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Economics. [PDF]
  • "Measuring the Value of Targeted Television Advertising" (with Lu Liao and Andrey Zubanov) [PDF]
  • "Triplet Embeddings for Demand Estimation" (with Lorenzo Magnolfi and Jonathon McClure) [PDF]
  • "Scalable Demand and Markups" (with Enghin Atalay, Erika Frost, Chris Sullivan, and Wanjia Zhu) [PDF]