Law & Environment: Local, Wisconsin, & Midwest

Welcome! This page provides material concerning local, Wisconsin, and midwestern environmental law topics. On the right sidebar are links to legal sources and research guides. On the footer below are links to government agencies and other organizations (businesses and NGOs).

For sources and guides to U.S. environmental law, go to the home page for Law and Environment. For U.S. law in general (i.e., not focused just on environmental law), go to the page on American Law & Legal History.

For additional resources, contacts, and related classes here at UW (though not all have a legal focus), see the following:

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and its four research centers on Climate Change (CCR), Culture and History (CHE), Land Tenure (LTC), and Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE). For a list of courses related to environmental law, see the ES Curriculum page, under Theme Courses, then Policy.

UW-Madison’s office of Environment, Health, & Safety, and in particular its environmental compliance program.