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Wisconsin Reports

  • General Presentation, April 2007 (PowerPoint). Compared to Wisconsin Sentencing Commission presentation of 4/30/04, updated April 2007 to add more comparisons between Wisconsin & the US in the 1980s and 1990s. (file size ~ 2.6 MB) This one includes crime trends and drug use graphs as well as suggestions about “what is to be done”
  • County Comparisons Prisons 90-03 in prison admission.
  • Presentation to Governor’s Commission on Racial Disparities (PowerPoint), May 22, 2007.
    This overlaps a lot with the general presentation. Differs in omitting slides on crime & drug use & my policy suggestions and in adding slides summarizing the Sentencing Commission Report on Sentencing Disparities and in summaries of arrests rate disparities & prison/arrest ratios for 1997-1999; also a few slides on the criminal justice process and where data are & suggestions for where data are needed.
  • Presentation to Wisconsin Sentencing Commission (PowerPoint) or (PDF), April 30, 2004. This presentation includes updated graphs on Wisconsin prison admissions through 2003. And also includes comparisons between counties 1990-2003.
  • Wisconsin Disparities (PDF). Includes information on national & state imprisonment trends, national drug use data, and a special section on disparities by age. Wisconsin trends through 2003.
  • Presentation on Dane County Returning Prisoners (PDF). This presentation includes the slide I presented at the Sentencing Commission showing returns to prison over time.
  • Basic facts about escalating imprisonment in Wisconsin, with emphasis on comparison between counties. (PowerPoint)
  • Presentation to the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission’s Disproportionate Minority Confinement conference on February 4, 2002. Uses data through 1999. This is a very long slide show with a couple of hundred slides.
    Part 1: Overview and Wisconsin imprisonment patterns.
    Part 2: Comparing Wisconsin’s counties in black and white imprisonment. Compares Milwaukee, Dane, Racine, Kenosha, Rock, and Waukesha counties, and the rest of Wisconsin.
    Part 3: County arrest statistics and conclusions.