Pamela Oliver is Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, where she has worked since 1980. She is no longer teaching regular classes and is not eligible to take on new graduate advisees, but she remains involved in the Wisconsin Sociology community and enjoys talking with students. Feel free to email her at She  has an NSF-funded research project that is compiling unique data on Black protests in the 1990s and 2000s. Her research has two main branches: collective action and social movements, and racial disparities in criminal justice.

Pam has prepared long and short biographical statements . If you have invited her to speak, you have her permission to edit these as appropriate for your publicity materials.  Download Pam Oliver’s c.v.  Here is a link to a high-resolution photo.

For more information on our NSF-funded project on developing protest data and the Black movement click here.

Pam’s older work on protest and social movements includes theories and models of collective action, and studies of news coverage of protests. Click here to see a list of Pam’s publications about collective action and protest. 

Pam’s work on racial disparities in criminal justice has a large public component: she serves on the board of several non-profit organizations and community advisory committees concerned with criminal justice issues and has made dozens of presentations to public officials and general audiences as well as given numerous interviews to various news media about patterns of racial disparity in imprisonment. Click here to see a links to data and graphs on racial disparities in criminal justice as well as working papers on the subject.

Pam has a blog that addresses issues at the intersection of racial justice, social movements, and the criminal justice system.

Complete list of publications and papers

List of publications with abstracts

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