Academic Freedom

Hansen details new threats to academic freedom and tenure arising from efforts to limit the free exchange of ideas by imposing speech codes, by creating an uncomfortable environment through programs designed to improve “campus climate,” and by attempting to redefine the meaning of academic freedom.

Diversity-Preferential Minority Admissions

The UW-Madison has a long history of granting preferential treatment to targeted minorities in admissions and financial aid, all in an effort to enhance race-ethnic diversity. Hansen analyses and criticizes these plans, most notably Plan 2008, for their lack of any substantial success in raising minotrity enrollment and achievement despite much effort and substantial annual expenditures.

Teaching and Learning

This section puts readers into contact with Hansen’s contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning, most notably his work describing the “proficiencies” expected of graduating economics majors and how these proficiencies can be developed by focusing on instruction and student learning.