This reading list was compiled across several decades beginning in the early 1990s. Much of it has not been kept updated. Access Notes: (1) “Stable URL” in this online syllabus is a link to the article in JSTOR. You will need a legal connection to JSTOR to use these URLs(2) You need a username and password to access the articles stored on my website. This is given in class. DO NOT BATCH PRINT OUT ALL THESE ARTICLES ON THE SSCC PRINTERS!!!

  1. Introduction and overview of social movement theory
  2. Collective Action Theory & Mobilization Processes
  3. Organizations, External Resources, Professionalization
  4. Fields (location of movements in organizational fields)
  5. Economic & Social Conditions
  6. Networks & Mobilizing Structures
  7. Frames, Framing Processes, & Related Issues
  8. Identity, Consciousness, Emotions
  9. Political Contexts
    1. Political Opportunities and Contexts
    2. Global South and Anticolonial
    3. Transnational Movements
  10. Dynamics of State-Movement Interactions
    1. State-Movement Dynamics: Cycles and Coevolution
      • Diffusion and Coevolution
      • Strategy and Tactics (and tactical repertoires)
      • State-movement interactions
      • Other Dynamics
    2. Relations Between Movements: Counter-Movements and Competition
      • Countermovements
      • Competition and spillover
    3. Repression & Policing
    4. Violence & Nonviolence
  11. Outcomes and Consequences of Movements
  12. Media & Movements
  13. Ethnic movements
  14. Black Movement: Morris & McAdam combined plus repression issues
    1. Morris & McAdam separate
    2. Andrews Freedom Struggle book
  15. Contents of Older Edited Collections of Social Movements Articles
    1. Dynamics of Contention (the book)
    2. Mansbridge & Morris: Oppositional Consciousness
    3. Contents of Blackwell Companion to Social Movements
    4. Even more articles not included in the above (an unsorted list with JSTOR URLs)