Research – Sociological Discussion of 9/11

Readings on Terrorism for September 25 session of PCS brownbag, to be held in room 8411 Social Science. These are copies of the messages sent to professional sociological listservs.

Postings to the “amsoc” list serv on contentious politics, hosted by Chuck Tilly. This series began with a long posting by Tilly suggesting some “predictions,” with many responses from both amsoc participants, and others who received a forward of the message.

  1. First round of discussion
  2. Later additions to discussion
  3. Final additions to dicussion
  4. Compilation of most of the discussion

Postings to a network study listserv about the ethics of using network analysis to aid the search for terrorists. Original article appeared in the Washington Post.

  1. Link to original newspaper article “Disconnect the Dots: Maybe We Can’t Cut Off Terror’s Head, but We Can Take Out Its Nodes.”
  2. Follow-up Discussion