Research: Simulations

Links to software and sites.

Simulation Education Homepage
Mathematica and Maple are programs which do symbolic math.
Stella/iThink simulation software develops differential equation models using with graphical interface; generates an equations page; has extensive capacities for presentation.
Extend simulation software is entirely icon based.
GPSS/H and SLX  are powerful simulation languages.
Simscript 11.5 and Simprocess.  Simscript is a simulation language; Simprocess is a graphical modeling program for discrete time simulations with an emphasis on production processes.
Web page on social simulation  Has lots of links to other social simulation sites. Well-organized, good set of links.
The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS) is the premier journal in the field of social simulation and is the best source for a diversity of social simulations, as well as discussions about simulation principles.