Peer-reviewed work

Article on neoconservatism driving the expanded role of religious organizations in drug policy in Critical Criminology here.

Article on religious organizations that work with formerly incarcerated people in Punishment & Society here.

Essay (2018) on gender and community-based programming in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice here.

Article (2016) on the state’s penal control that extends beyond punishment in Law and Social Inquiry here.

Article (2015) on prisoner incorporation in Theoretical Criminology here.

Work in an edited volume

Book chapter on the relationship between the penal state and organizations working with formerly incarcerated people here.

Book reviews

Review (2017) of Unequal City: Race, Schools, and Perceptions of Injustice by Carla Shedd. American Journal of Sociology 123(3):911-913. DOI: abs/10.1086/694583.

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