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Schedule of Presentations for Sociology 984, Training Seminar in Gender: FemSem
Fall Semester, 2001 8108 Social Science Building

Items in bold are not at the normal meeting time.

    September 10: Organizational meeting.

    September 17. Shelley Correll, "Towards a theory of gendered ‘choice' : Choice without blame?"

    September 24. Discussion: Feminist Peace Politics. Coordinated by Kristen Springer.

    October 1. Discussion of Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz, "(How) Does the sexual
    orientation of parents matter?" ASR, 2001 (April), plus commentary. Also Fitzgerald, Bridget. "Children of lesbian and gay parents: A review of the literature." Marriage and Family Review, 1999, 29(1), 57-75.

    October 8. Skip to attend the following set of presentations.

    October 9, 10, 12 (Tues, Wed 3:30, Fri. 2:00), Steven Seidman. Havens Center series. Tolerated but not Equal: Gay Life After the Closet.

    October 15. Skip to attend the following set of presentations.

    October 16-18. (Tues, Wed 3:30, Thurs 12:20) Evelyn Nakano Glenn. Havens Center series. Unequal Freedom: Race and Gender in the Shaping of American Citizenship and Labor.

    October 19. (Friday, 12:05) Mangala Subramaniam. "Collective Action for Women s Empowerment. Evidence from Rural India."

    (with Social Psychology group, room to be decided)

    October 22. Skip because of attendance at the preceding Friday's talk.

    October 29. Molly Carnes, M.D. "The lack of women leaders in academic medicine may be bad
    for your health."

    November 5. Discussion of "Biological limits of gender construction",Udry, J. Richard ,2000. American Sociological Review, 65, (June), 443-457. Plus critiques and rejoinder from later issue (August).

    November 12. Millie Ann Kang. "Body Labor: Race, Gender and Class in Interactive Service Work." (Joint with R&E)

    November 19. Joan Fujimura. "Sex and the Gene: Examining the Politics and Molecular Genetics of Sex Determination."

    November 26. Janet Hyde (Psychology). "Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth: Science vs. the Media on Gender Differences"

    December 3. Discussion of three master's thesis topics currently in the development stage.

    December 10. Pizza party and continued master's thesis discussion.



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