2 Installing Statamarkdown

This package gives you a little more control over Stata execution and the inclusion of Stata output in your document than the engine I originally wrote for knitr. Most knitr users won't need this capability, so I've put it in this separate package.

2.1 From CRAN

Statamarkdown can be installed from CRAN with


2.2 From GitHub

Statamarkdown can be installed from github.com by using the remotes (or devtools) package. Installing Statamarkdown from GitHub is guaranteed to be my latest version.

# you may need to install the remotes package

2.3 From this website

If for some reason that gives you problems, you can also install from this website.

# For Windows, a binary package

# For linux, Mac, or Windows, a source package
  type="source", repos=NULL)

This page was written using:

  • Statamarkdown version 0.9.2
  • knitr version 1.45