The two central principles that guide my teaching are active learning and inclusive teaching. Drawing on these pedagogical principles, I have developed a student-centered approach that is interactive, supportive, relationship-based, relevant, and responsive.

Beyond required teaching trainings, I have voluntarily participated in numerous workshops and courses to develop my pedagogical skills, including several inclusive teaching workshops, a three-day intensive workshop on best pedagogical practices, a semester-long course on mentoring, a race and pedagogy workshop, and a semester-long course on how to apply improvisation techniques to improve pedagogical practice.

Classes Taught

Instructor of Record, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska Omaha

  • CRCJ3380: Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice (Spring 2023, Evaluation Score: 4.8/5, Syllabus)

This course examines social science research on the relationship between race, ethnicity, crime, and punishment, primarily in the US context. We start by considering how race and ethnicity are socially constructed concepts that have evolved over time, and yet have had profound consequences for individuals and groups. We then explore how the development of criminal legal institutions is inextricably tied to race and racial dynamics in our society. The bulk of this course will then focus on what social science research tells us about racial and ethnic disparities in crime and punishment and explanations for these disparities. Importantly, throughout the course, we will think critically about the concepts of crime and criminality by examining how punishment is not just a mechanical response to crime, but rather a social and political process. We will end the course with an exploration of how we should move forward to address racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal legal system. 

Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • SOC134: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Spring 2019, Evaluation Score: 4.5/5)
  • SOC134: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Fall 2018, Evaluation Score: 4.7/5)

Guest Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • “Race and the War on Drugs,” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Fall 2018)

Research Practicum Instructor, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Prosecutorial Decision-Making Across Contexts, (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2022, Spring 2023)
  • Independent Study in Advanced Hindi Translation (Fall 2017)

Student Comments

“Overall, Chiara was fantastic at leading and teaching this course. […] Chiara motivated me to work hard and think outside the box. I really enjoyed this course. I left class always learning something new and taking away so many important ideas. The structure of the course worked really well for me and allowed me to dedicate time to learning the material.”

Student evaluation, CRCJ3380, Spring 2023

“I would say that she was very good at making students engage in uncomfortable, yet educational conversations. I think that has helped me be more comfortable with speaking to students I don’t know personally. These conversations involved topics that forced me to think critically which is always good for the mind.”

Student evaluation, CRCJ3380, Spring 2023

“Chiara did a wonderful job of not only reviewing the material and helping us draw further conclusions from it, but also just making sure that everyone always felt welcomed and included and like our class was a safe space to voice any opinions or thoughts that we had. I appreciate all of the effort and kindness she brought to discussion each and every week.”

Student evaluation, SOC134, Fall 2018

“Chiara was an amazing TA and a great resource to have this semester. She was approachable and showed a genuine interest in helping students. Her discussions were focused and helped to bring all of the material together… I am really going to miss having her as a TA.”

Student evaluation, SOC134, Fall 2018