Bruce E. Hansen

Jackknife Standard Errors for Clustered Regression

December 2023


This paper presents a theoretical case for replacement of conventional heteroskedasticity-consistent and cluster-robust variance estimators with jackknife variance estimators, in the context of linear regression with heteroskedastic and/or cluster-dependent observations. We examine the bias of variance estimation and the coverage probabilities of confidence intervals. Concerning bias, we show that conventional variance estimators have full downward worst-case bias, while our jackknife variance estimator is never downward biased. Concerning confidence intervals, we show that intervals based on conventional standard errors have worst-case coverage equalling zero, while our jackknife-based confidence interval has coverage probability bounded by the Cauchy distribution. We also extend the Bell-McCaffrey (2002) student $t$ approximation to our jackknife $t$-ratio, resulting in confidence intervals with improved coverage probabilities. Our theory holds under minimal assumptions, allowing arbitrary cluster sizes, regressor leverage, within-cluster correlation, heteroskedasticity, regression with a single treated cluster, fixed effects, and delete-cluster invertibility failures. Our theoretical findings are consistent with the extensive simulation literature investigating heteroskedasticity-consistent and cluster-robust variance estimation.

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