PA 854: Macroeconomic Policy and International Financial Regulation

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Figure 1: Series highlighted by the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee.

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LECTURE: MW 11-12:15

Professor Menzie Chinn
Office Hours: M 1-2, W 2-3
7418 Social Sciences
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Course Syllabus

PA854 Syllabus in PDF file. This course surveys international macroeconomics, with special reference to international monetary policy and international financial market architecture. Topics include the structure of international financial markets; the role of central banks; exchange-rate systems; the determination of balance of payments and exchange rates; macroeconomics of open economies; policy analysis for open economies; policy coordination; the International Monetary Fund; and financial crises. The aim of this course is to provide an analytical background for those who plan to go into government service, international organizations and agencies, businesses involved in the global economy, nongovernmental organizations with international foci, and consulting firms analyzing international policy issues.

The recommended textbook is Caves, Frankel and Jones, World Trade and Payments 10th Edition. The recommended text is not available at UW Bookstore; Amazon currently has copies available. The required textbook is available in draft form on the Canvas website for this course. Additional assigned readings will be available on the Web (via links on this website).

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