Older Activities

IMF Workshop on Assessing External Balances at the IMF, Dec.; European Systemic Risk Board Advisory Scientific Committee, June; Banque de France (November, 2018); ECB (June), ESRB ASC meeting (Frankfurt, June).

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Jackson Hole symposium on “Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy,” August 24-26, 2017; IMF-IBRN Joint Conference "The Transmission of Macroprudential and Monetary Policies Across Borders,” April 19, 2017, Washington, D.C.; UW Department of Political Science conference “Europe in Crisis: The Future of EU and Transatlantic Relations,” April 7, 2017, Madison, WI; Istituto Affari Internazionale Conference “Major Challenges for Global Macroeconomic Stability: The Role of the G7,” Rome, 27-28 March 2017.

Wim Duisenberg Fellow, European Central Bank (July-August 2016); IMF-Swiss National Bank High Level Conference “Towards a System of Multiple Reserve Currencies,” Zurich, May 10 2016; ACAES panel “Can the Chinese Renminbi Rule?” Allied Social Sciences Association meetings, San Francisco, January 4, 2016.

Central-German Doctoral Program Economics, Leipzig University, Leipzig (December 2015); San Francisco Fed "Asia Economic Policy Conference," (November); Graduate Institute Geneva/Swiss "Exchange Rate Policy: Limits to Flexibility, Capital Controls and Reserve Management," Geneva (October); Center for Central Bank Studies/Bank of England (October); Bank of England (October 2015); UCSC-SCU "West Coast International Finance Workshop," (October); SNB-BIS-Dallas Fed-CEPR-JIMF conference "Inflation spillovers of conventional and unconventional monetary: the role of real and financial linkages," Zurich (July); Banque de France-Sciences Po workshop "Recent developments in exchange rates," Paris (June); ECB seminar, Frankfurt (May).

Trinity College Dublin (October); Keynote, University of Leipzig and University of Duisberg Essen conference “Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy and Financial Stability in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries,” Leipzig, October 13-14; Sixteenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy, Beijing, June 25-28, 2014; Keynote speech, 2014 Columbia-Tsinghua Conference in International Economics “Capital Flows and International Financial System Reforms,” Beijing, scheduled June 23-25; Norges Bank conference “Of the Uses of Central Banks: Lessons from History,”, Oslo (June); Visiting Scholar, Bank of France (May).

ADB conference on global supply chains (December); G2 and GW: Conference on U.S.-China Economic Relations (November); ADBI conference on currency internationalization (Tokyo, August); BIS annual conference (Luzern, June); Visiting Scholar, Bank of France (May, November 2013).

Visiting Scholar, Bank of France (November 2012); DIW-University of Leipzig conference "Intra-European Imbalances, Global Imbalances, International Banking, and International Financial Stability," (Berlin September); Swiss National Bank conference on "Exchange Rates and External Adjustment" (August); DEFI Université de la Méditerranée conference on Capital flows, real exchange rates and growth in the global economy (Aix-en-Provence, July); 18th Dubrovnik Economic Conference, Croatian National Bank (June); Assessing the Austerity Experiment, Center for American Progress (Washington, DC, June); Presentation on the eurozone at CBO (Washington, DC, June); Panelist, "Europe at Crossroads: The Euro Crisis and the Future of European Integration," UW EU Center of Excellence (April); Panelist, La Follette School "The Wisconsin Idea at 100," (April); Presentation "Lost Decades" at Hobby Center for Public Policy (Houston, February); Dept of Economics, University of Houston (February); IMF conference on "Evaluating (External) Imbalances" (Washington, February); China Economic Society, CEANA at ASSA meetings (Chicago, January 2012).

Austrian National Bank and Finlands Bank conference on "European Economic Integration," (Vienna, November); ECB Economic Workshop "Coping with Volatile Oil and Commodity Prices"” (Frankfurt, November); IMF Institute (November); IMF Research Department (November); Georgetown University CBPP (November); Central Univ. Finance and Economics/GIZ/DIE conference "Financial Stability in Emerging Markets: Dealing with Global Liquidity" (Beijing, October); George Washington University Economics (October); CBO Panel (November); "Long term unemployment in industrial countries: Causes, Consequences and Policy Responses," (Madison, April 28) co-organized with Mark Copelovitch; Asia Europe Economic Forum conference "G20: Completing the Agenda," (Paris, January 2011); AEA meetings (Denver, January).

Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee conference “The International Monetary System: Old and New Debates,” (Paris, December 2010); IMF seminar: "Transforming China's Development Model (October); East-West Center/Korean Development Institute (August); University of Hawaii (August); CESifo conference on "China's Growing Role in the World Economy" (July); Euro50 Group/Reinventing Bretton Woods Conference on "The Eurozone's Resilience in a Time of Stress" (July); University of Warwick workshop on trade costs (June 2010); Bank of Norway conference on advances in financial econometrics (June); NY Fed (May); Inter-American Development Bank (April); US Treasury (January).

University of Kentucky (November); Bank of Canada-ECB workshop on "Understanding Economic Outcomes in Uncertain Times" (Ottawa, October); NBER International Finance and Macroeconomics Summer Institute (July, Cambridge, MA); Bank of Canada-ECB workshop on Exchange Rates (June, Frankfurt); NBER International Seminar in Macroeconomics (June, Cyprus); University of Pittsburgh (March 27); NBER IFM (Cambridge, MA, March 13); The Global Financial Crisis and Implications for Wisconsin sponsored by WAGE and UW Law (March 25).

Bruegel (Brussels, December); European Commission Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) (Brussels, December); keynote speech, CATSEI International Workshop on Food-Feed-Fuel Competition, Brussels (December); IMF Research Department (December); WAGE panel "The Global Economic Crisis: The Untold Stories" (November 20); WAGE talk on the "Global Financial Crisis" (October 30); UNC Chapel Hill Economics (September); Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena conference on “The Impact of Global Financial Imbalances” (Siena, July); Reinventing Bretton Woods/Austrian National Bank conference "Global Markets Disruptions: Will Global Imbalances Unwind?" (Salzburg, June 2008); Seminar, Brookings Institution, Global Economy and Development program (June); Deutsche Bundesbank/Center for Financial Studies-Goethe University Frankfurt workshop on “Panel Methods and Open Economies” (May); Co-organizer with C. Engel, "Global Imbalances and the U.S. Dollar: Doing Business in the World Economy," (Madison, May 1); Co-organizer with C. Engel, "Current Account Sustainability in Major Advanced Countries (II) conference," (Madison, May 2-3); Deutsche Bundesbank/Center for Financial Studies-Goethe University Frankfurt workshop on "Panel Methods and Open Economies" (May); IMF Conference on Macro-Finance (April); KAEA/AEA and AEA sessions at the 2008 ASSA meetings (New Orleans, January).


Queen's University Belfast (September 2007); NBER conference on China's Growing Role in World Trade (August 2007); Invited speaker, Open Macroeconomics and Development' (2nd ed.) in Aix-en-Provence, France (July); NBER-East Asia Seminar in Economics, Singapore (June); IMF lunch talk (June); visiting scholar, European Central Bank (May); Centre for International Global Innovation (February); HEC Montreal (February); NABE capital flows panel at Allied Social Sciences Association meetings (Chicago, Jan. 6).

Discussant, IMF 7th Annual Research Conference, November 9-10, 2006; Society of Government Economists biannual conference (Washington, DC, Oct. 27); presentation, Office of International Affairs, Treasury Department (Oct. 26); NBER Conference on "China's Growing Role in World Trade" (Cambridge, Oct. 14); Dartmouth College (Oct. 12); JIMF-SCCIE conference, Santa Cruz (September); Federal Reserve Board (Aug. 3); ECB-JIMF "Financial Globalisation and Integration" conference (Frankfurt, July 17-18); IJFE-HKIMR conference on "International Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy (July 13-14, Hong Kong); 12th Dubrovnik Economic Conference, Croatian National Bank (June 28 – July 1); CESifo-Athens University-RIE conference “Global Economic Imbalances: Prospects and Remedies,” Delphi (June 2-3); SCCIE-Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco-ZEI-European Commission conference on "The Euro and the Dollar in a Globalized Economy" (May, Santa Cruz, CA); Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee-World Economic Forum-Reserve Bank of Australia-Department of Treasury conference on "Global Savings and Investments Patterns & the Changing Structure of the World Economy" (March, Adelaide); International Economics and Finance Society (IEFS) panel at Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) (Boston, January).

ECB/Bank of Canada Workshop on "Exchange Rate Determination," Frankfurt, Dec. 6-7; SF Fed Conference on “External Imbalances and Adjustment in the Pacific Basin,” Sept. 22-23; Macroeconomic Analysis Div., CBO; NBER Conference on "G7 Current Account Imbalances: Sustainability and Adjustment," Newport, RI, June 1-2, Richard Clarida, Organizer Central Bank of Ireland (5/23); JIMF-CRIF-TAFI Conference on Foreign Exchange Markets (March 18); Kiel Institute for World Economics Advanced Studies Program course: Exchange Rate Economics (March 2005); UWisc-Milwaukee (February 2005); IEFS panel at ASSA meetings (January 2005).

NY Fed conference on "Financial Globalization," December 2-3; U.Mich.-Hitotsubashi Univ. conference on “Macro/Financial Issues and International Economic Relations: Policy Options for Japan and the United States,” (Oct. 22-23); OECD-PRI conference on "The Impact and Coherence of OECD Country Policies on Asian Developing Economies," Paris, June 10-11. Claremont China Finance Conference (March 4-5); IEFS panel on elasticities in int'l trade, AEA panel on financial crises, at ASSA (Jan. 2004).

Univ. of Wisconsin Econ. Dept (December); JMCB-Chicago Fed "James Tobin symposium" (Nov.); CEPR/European Summer Institute annual conference (Sept.); NBER IFM Summer Institute (July); Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (May); Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWA) Conference on "Dynamics of East Asian Financial Markets" (May 14-16); Kiel Institute for World Economics (May); European Central Bank (May); Bank of Canada (May); Tufts University (April); Brandeis University Grad. School of Int'l Econ. and Finance (February); Global Linkages conference at IMF (Jan. 30-31); Bank of England (January);Joint AEA/CEANA panel on "Rethinking the Role of the State in the Globalized Age; IEFS Int'l Finance panel at ASSA (Wash.,DC, January)

SCCIE Workshop on Empirical Methods in International Finance, co-organized with Yin-Wong Cheung (April 12th) ; UCLA (April); presentation on "US Macro Outlook" at State Information Center / State Dev. Planning Commission (Beijing, March 2002); AJRC/ANU - CCER/Beijing Univ. Conference on Deepening Financial Arrangements in East Asia (Beijing, March 2002); USC(January 2002).

Brandeis University Grad. School of Int'l Econ. & Finance (December); ANU-IMF East Asia Office Conference on "Regional Financial Markets and Centres" (November 2001); Reserve Bank of Australia (November 2001); International Finance Division Federal Reserve Board (July 2001); NBER Int'l Finance and Macro Winter 2001 Meetings (March 2001)Proposal prsentations for “The New Economy in APEC” project, APEC Economic Committee meeting (Beijing, February 2001); presentation at IEFS panel at New Orleans ASSA meetings (Jan. 2001).

Presentation at American University (Sept. 2000); International Finance Division Federal Reserve Board (Sept. 2000); APEC Economic Committee Economic Outlook 2000 symposium (Manila, July). Hamburg University and HWWA Institute for Economic Research (May 2000); Humboldt University(April 2000); Center for European Integration/Bonn University (April 2000); Deutsche Bundesbank (March 2000); Sveriges Riksbank (March 2000); Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University (March 2000); Swiss National Bank (March 2000); Bank for International Settlements (March 2000); DePaul University (February 2000); Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies (February 2000).

George Washington University (December 1999); Ohio State University (November 1999); USC (October 1999); Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Conference on "Financial Crises in Emerging Markets" (September 1999); Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (August 1999); North American Economics and Finance Association / Lowe Institute panel "Exchange Rate Arrangements in the Americas" (UCLA, June 1999); AEA panel on “Purchasing Power Parity”; joint AEA- American Committee on Asian Economic Studies panel on “The Crisis in Asia’s Money and Financial Markets,” IEFS panel on “The East Asian Economies Before and After the Crises” at the ASSA Winter Meetings (New York City, January 1999).

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