Directions to my office

(Posted because of the hordes of students who have shown up at my door late for their appointments, out of breath, complaining that they have been wandering around the building for 10, 20, 45 minutes [and, in one particularly unfortunate case, several days] without having been able to locate my office.)

My office address is 2444 Social Science (if this number isn't straightforward, here is it stated another way).  Because the Social Science building is built into a hill, the main entrance is actually on the sixth floor.  When you walk in, you will see some elevators on the left; these are a red herring that were built as part of a devious effort to prevent people from finding my office.  Do not take these elevators; if you do, you will end up in a labyrinth from which there is no escape, and you will eventually be hunted down by the Minotaur who lives there.  Instead, walk straight ahead, through the glass doors, where you will find the real elevator on your left.  Take this elevator down to the second floor, which is actually the lowest ground floor of the building (the first floor is the basement).  Turn left as you step out of the elevator and then immediately left again.  Take a right at the glass doors, and go around the corner.  You'll see my office on the left side of the hall.  I have a nice view of the lake for two weeks in the spring, after it thaws and before the trees fill in. 


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