Workshops index

Structural Equation Modeling with Stata

Covariances model

Elementary Path Models

Using the SEM Builder

Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Measurement Invariance

Group Analysis

Recentering, Rescaling, Standardizing Coefficients

Getting Standardized Coefficients Right

Download to your personal ado location (type "personal" in the command box to see where this is). From within Stata, use
"net from"

Post-estimation ado

stdParm.ado by post-estimation transformation

stdParm.sthlp help file

Some math for post-estimation centering and standardizing with notes

On the equality of variable-wise and term-wise recentering.

Pre-estimation ado

stdBeta.ado by transforming the data

stdBeta.sthlp help file

Stata Graphics

Thinking About Graphics: Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Graph

The Grammar of Graphics applied to Stata

Data sources and types for Stata graphics

Graphical objects in Stata graphics



Categorical Coordinates

Text Annotations

Stata and R Markdown

Writing Stata Documentation Using R Markdown (Windows)

Writing Stata Documentation Using R Markdown (linux and OS X)

Linking Code Blocks in Stata Markdown

Including Help pages in Stata Markdown

Programming Problems

Merging coefficients of variation into a data set

Postfile problems

Bootstrap mean and sd from an empirical distribution

Jackknife a regression coefficient

Centiles, posting scalar results

P values and significance from multiple tests

and just p values

Introductory workshop exercises

National Longitudinal Survey of Women exercises

Mendota Ice exercises