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This page contains downloadable STATA do and log files to replicate the analyses found in:

Schwartz, Christine R. and Nikki L. Graf. 2009. "Assortative Matching Among Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples in the United States, 1990-2000" Demographic Research 21:843-878.

Note that I have included all of the do and log files that generate the data sets but not the data sets themselves. The raw census data used in this project are available from the IPUMS website. Users wishing copies of the final data sets should contact cschwart@ssc.wisc.edu.

Please see the documentation section below for information about (1) how to recreate the final data sets used in this paper, (2) how to replicate the tables and figures presented in the paper, and (3) how to replicate the supplementary analyses discussed in the paper. Supplementary analyses discussed in the text but not shown are included below.


STATA do and log files that generate data sets

STATA do and log files that generate tables and figures

STATA do and log files that generate supplementary analyses

Results of supplementary analyses